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I'm Jesse.

I am a developer, programmer, and project manager.
When I'm not working, I spend my time tinkering with personal side projects.

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Education & Experience


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


9 years of web development
8 years of software development
8 years of database management
4 years of project management
7 years of customer service


Python, Java, C, SQL, PHP, Javascript, Linux, Bash, Web DevOps

Some of my Projects


Wager points against others on upcoming wrestling matches. Rank up on the leaderboard and rate your favorite matches.

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Pineapple on pizza? Peanut butter on burgers? Quickly create and share a poll topic with others.

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IdleBot (Chat Bot)

A customized chatbot used across Discord, Chatango, and Twitter. Used in conjunction with Matches. (deprecated)

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Other Projects

My Services


Whether you're creating your first website or troubleshooting a software bug, I can be there to help at any step of the way. I have years of experience in database management, well-versed in many programming languages, and have personally designed, developed and hosted websites from scratch.

Web Applications

Do you have mundane or repetitive tasks that you know could be automated? Tell me about it, and I will create a web application to meet your requirements.

Discord Bot

Discord chat is on the rise. Start your own Discord server and include your own custom bot to fit your needs - whatever they may be. User mangement, customized greetings, channel chat logs, scheduled alerts, and much more can be offered.

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