What is this place?

Matches is a website that lets you wager points on current and upcoming matches. You win or lose points depending on the outcome of the match. So it's like a simplified Fantasy Football for wrestling

There is also a Chatroom, Leaderboard, and profiles for all Superstars in the various wrestling promotions.

More updates will be coming in the future.

How soon are Matches added?

Matches are added manually, so I try to add them near real time.

Once a match is announced, I add it and make it available to bet on.

Once the match bell rings or a decent amount of time to bet has been given, betting for the match is closed.

How do I earn points?

You automatically start with 100 points after registering.

You automatically earn 20 points per day.

You earn points after winning a bet on a Match. (keep an eye out for those point multipliers)

Do I lose my points if the Match ended in No Contest?


No contest outcomes are not that rare in wrestling. So if this occurs, your wagered points are refunded.

What is a Point Multiplier?

Some matches multiply your potential earnings if you win. They do not affect your loss amount.

i.e: [WIN] 2x multiplier * 50 point bet = 100 points added to the Total Pot

i.e: [LOSS] 2x multiplier * 50 point bet = 50 points lost

What is a Pot?

All bets are added to a Pot.

The winners of the match split the Pot based on the percentage of their team's total bets.

How do I update my Favorite Superstar?

Navigate to the Superstar Menu and locate your Superstar. Then click on the FAVORITE button.

What is the purpose of these points?

Nothing. They're worthless.

Besides your ranking on the Leaderboard, nothing can be done with them.

Well, I'm actually creating a shop where you can redeem these points.

Still trying to figure out what to provide in the shop, so if you have any ideas, please let me know through a feedback. I'd appreciate it.

I found a mistake or have a recommendation. How do I get in contact?

Great! Get in contact with me in the Chatroom or through a feedback.

I also see you're not registered. Please register and take a look around.